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Production Checklist – Schiermonnikoog Festival October 2023

  • General information

  • Please note the names of the members of your ensemble. Add a new row for each member.
  • Travel

  • MM slash DD slash JJJJ
  • The bus service on Schiermonnikoog only drives for the normal ferry service (45 minutes). It will take you from the harbour to the center of town. If you travel with the quick ferry, you will need to take a taxi. These costs will not be reimbursed by the festival.
  • MM slash DD slash JJJJ
  • Accommodation

  • Only for ensembles. All rooms will have separate beds. Please add a new row for each duo.
  • Catering

  • Travel on the island

  • Note 0 if you won't need a bicycle
    Voer een nummer in van 1 tot 10.
  • Technical info

  • Please add a new row for each of your wishes
  • Other

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