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A healthy and successful musicianship does not only mean improving your instrumental skills. There are other aspects that are vital to the process of development. This is why the festival will offer you some additional guidance for growth, by means of the activities in our side program. This includes physical, mental and creative consultations from experts on various subjects. Find an overview of the side program below.

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Recording consultancies

How do you prepare for a CD recording? What happens with the recording after it’s finished and what can (and can’t) a record label do for you? Want to find out?

Frerik will be giving coachings about how to make a professional recording. He will answer all your questions concerning producing a CD. With some students he will record a solo work or ensemble piece in the studio. To learn how to apply for the session, please read the assignment. Frerik de Jong is founder and label manager of ‘7 Mountain Records’. He has worked with many established classical musicians over the past years.

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Yoga sessions

Yoga is a very useful way to relax and to become mentally and physically balanced. Do you feel tensed while performing? Or would you like to work on your posture or focus and awareness on stage? Josine will give a 45-minute workshop on how to use your breath and calm down your nerves and mind. Of course you will also get moving and do some active yoga poses to start the day with a full battery of energy.

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Mental coachings

Do you sometimes suffer from anxiety or depressed moods? Or is there a secret you want to get off your chest and talk in a strictly confidential setting? Mental difficulties of any kind – from homesickness to traumatic experiences, and everything in between – can be discussed during one or several individual coaching walks over the island. Arnout ter Haar is a clinical-psychotherapist, working in his own office for psychotherapy and mental coaching in Amsterdam. He has several musicians as clients, i.a. members of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

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